The park is currently closed.

At the extreme westerly point of the Corinaldo municipality, bordering with the Castellone di Suasa municipality, a bit more than a kilometer from the Suasa Archeological Park is the Selva di Boccalupo Park, known as park of the Ex Geofisico. It takes its name from an ancient church located in the area, the Saint Maria di Boccalupo Church. It extends over about six hectares, and was founded in 1952 as an observatory of the National Geophysical Institute in Rome. It was subsequently ceded to Corinaldo Municipality, which added a riding school, parking and playgrounds. It is a very large and suggestive space, dominated by spontaneous vegetation and especially suited to host large outdoor events. During the past years it has been used very often to celebrate May Day and other summer events. The park is currently closed.