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Then this is the right place for you. Through this website you will discover the ancient town of Corinaldo, its powerful walls, the lush wooded area, our archaeological past, the mythicals Corinaldo’s Fools and our little girl that became Saint.


The City and its Walls

Corinaldo is, before anything else, its walls. An intact and formidable wall belt about one kilometre long surrounds and supports the historic centre. And wandering about its alleys you will find yourselves in its nicest squares dominated by the main religious buildings. You will walk along the walls, looking up to the sky to see the imposing towers and bulwarks where you can also go up to check the view. Along the way you will also see many historical palaces, a wonderful 19th century theatre and reach the well situated halfway along the amazing flight of steps called La Piaggia. Do not forget to take a look at the Civic Art Gallery painted treasures and at the beautiful Reinassance dresses in the museum of local costumes. Not to be missed the Ancient Patregnani Mill, only 4 kilometres outside the centre.



In addition to the rich cultural heritage, Corinaldo also offers beautiful green spaces where you can have a nice walk, eat on the lawn in a sunny day or have a long bycicle ride.

Fonti’s Park | Selva di Boccalupo Park (ex-geofisico)



Corinaldo certainly is a medieval village in its urban centre, but it also hides a Roman past. Only few kilometres from the centre you can visit the Roman city of Suasa with its wonderful mosaic floors. Moreover, the Saint Maria in Portuno’s early Christian church is waiting for you and so are the excavation still in progress and partially turned into a permanent exhibition.

Suasa Archeological Park | Santa Maria in Portuno


Saint Maria Goretti

Maria Goretti was born in Corinaldo in 1890. She grew up here toghether with her peers, when life was not easy in the countryside. Then her family moved to the Pontine marshes and things changed forever.

Powerful architectures and rural landscape

Just overlook from the towers of the walls of Corinaldo as your look gazes upon that perfect fit and neatly combed sections with corrugated profiles and gentle slopes that has mesmerized artists and photographers. A landscape as a product of human work and the agricultural culture that for so long has been its custodian and still survives in folk tradition. To come and immerse in Corinaldo means to be able to immerse in these gentle hills: there are many possible routes, on foot or by bicycle, running through the countryside far and wide and allow everyone to experience the landscape with its rhythms, discovering precious gems along the way.

That is how is possible, for example, that the path of the Valley along the Cesano river allows you to admire the remains of the ancient Roman city of Suasa and the important site of Santa Maria in Portuno with its Antiquarium as it proves the oldest settlement in Corinaldo territory. Further along the way, you come across a collection of testimonies of rural life inside an ancient mill, right next to a trail that leads us to the observation of birds of prey in one of the places of passage of their migration in a pine forest.


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  • Bellissimi siti e un grazie speciale all’Amministrazione Comunale sensibile al turismo itinerante per aver creato un’area sosta camper così completa.

  • Un grazie particolare al Sindaco di questo meraviglioso borgo per aver pensato anche ai camperisti. Trovare un’area sosta bella pulita tranquilla vicino al borgo e soprattutto gratuita non è facile.. Complimenti anche per la cura del borgo… È stupendo e ci torneremo sicuramente. Sabina e Luca

  • Grazie per l’ospitalità nell’area di sosta camper gratuita con elettricità e camper service: ce ne fossero di comuni così. Bellissima cittadina!!! Grazie e a presto.

  • Abbiamo visitato oggi il vostro bellissimo borgo ed ora abbiamo parcheggiato il nostro camper nell’area sosta che si trova sotto il centro sportivo. Desideriamo ringraziarvi per la comodità del posto e per la gratuità di corrente ed acqua. Non capita spesso di trovare una tale qualità! Grazie ancora. Cristina e Claudio di Ala (TN)

  • Molto belli tutti i musei! Ci è piaciuto particolarmente il museo dei costumi perché abbiamo potuto provare i costumi! Molto bella l’area sosta camper, i camperisti ringraziano!

  • Siamo a Corinaldo con i bambini e siamo tutti entusiasti di questo borgo meraviglioso. Sia in termini di soggiorno che di ristorazione che di luoghi di cultura. Un luogo che ci rimarrà nel cuore. Famiglia Rizzi

  • Un grazie e complimenti, tutto perfetto, e un grazie per l’area di sosta camper adibita per noi camperisti, eccellente.

  • Corinaldo: un’altra delle mille piccole ragioni per cui l’Italia merita di essere, nonostante tutto, salvata.