Baldarelli Valerio


Our winery specialises in the production and sale of “Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi D.o.p.”, “Rosso Piceno D.o.p.”, “Marche Rosato I.g.t.”, and other table wines, employing modern machinery and thanks to the expertise of skilled agronomists and wine makers. Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi is a straw-yellow and greenish coloured wine with hawthorn, linden, wild apricot, white peach and cedar tree scented reminiscences. Rosso Piceno derives from classical Montepulciano and Sangiovese grapes with a light mark of international vineyards. On request we organize guided tours of the vineyards and production facilities that end with wine tastings.




This farmers cooperative was born out of a love of the earth and the enthusiasm of seven friends. Its headquarters are located in the heart of the Marche region in a beautiful hilly territory devoted to grape growing. Situated 20 km. from the beaches of Senigallia and 25 km. from the Arcevia mountains, the vineyards cover 80 hectares at an altitude between 200 and 500 m. above the sea level. This position, plays a pivotal role in the production of wines with peculiar organoleptic characteristics which combine perfectly with the local dishes. Boccafosca wines are produced exclusively with the grapes of its shareholders in order to preserve the quality of the product.


Federico Mencaroni’s Wines


This is the fourth generation of wine-growers in my family

Mencaroni’s winery represent the choice of a young man to maintain a family tradition combining love for his hometown and love for wine. The winery mainly grows white grapes as Verdicchio, Malvasia and Biancame, but also some red ones as Montepulciano, San Giovese, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. The grapes, after being carefully hand-picked are laid in bins and pressed within two hours from harvest. The terroir pedoclimatic characteristics and the technologies applied to Verdicchio allow this grape to undergo the Traditional Method. The grapes, harvested in the period between the end of August and the beginning of September are used to prepare the sparkling wine base.


Le Ville Farm


This farm was born a few years ago in the area of Corinaldo thanks to the passion of its founder who wished to reintroduce traditional tastes.

From jams to honey, from extra-virgin olive oil to the natural digestive “Lilla” and its delicious derived products such as biscuits and pralines, the concept of nature and simplicity materialises into the obsessive selection of genuine and high quality products, all produced using traditional methods.
The taste which is achieved is unique and compelling.

The farm produces:
jams, extra virgin olive oil, monocultivar Raggia extra virgin olive oil, multi flower honey, “Lilla” elixir, lillacioc pralines and limonelle biscuits.




Marasco’s liquor factory is a family run business, which has been producing artisan liquors for more than 35 years. It mainly supplies restaurants and wine shops in the Marche region, providing a unique taste in its products which drives from a natural passion and a never ending search for the best available raw materials.


Az. Vinicola Giordano Spallacci


The Spallacci Giordano winery is located on the hills surrounding the medieval village of Corinaldo. The vineyards are located at 200 meters above sea level, enjoying an excellent position and a good climate. For about 40 years, the Spallacci family has dedicated itself to wine production with increasing passion, dedication and professionalism. The processing phases, which range from cultivation of the vineyard, to harvest (both done by hand) and then continue with the vinification until maturation are carried out and controlled personally by the family in their own company. In the store of the winery, you can buy bottled wines such as Verdicchio Dei Castelli di Jesi.


Az. Barattini Pascucci Romualdo


Frantoio Brignoni


For three generations now, Frantoio Brignoni has been producing extra virgin olive oil with local olives, harvested by hand or with mechanical shakers that keep the fruit intact until processing. The mill consists of a continuous cycle milling system with cold extraction (below 27 °C) and the olives are ground within 12 hours. It is possible to visit the oil mill, starting the tour from the company olive groves to continue with the explanation of the whole process of extracting the oil to conclude with a taste of Brignoni extra virgin olive oil in the tasting room. Some of the different types of extra virgin olive oil that available at the mill are: the Blend, from the selection of the best varieties of local olives, the monovarietal Raggia, rich in polyphenols with accentuated notes of almond and artichoke and “Condiments”, flavored oils obtained from the simultaneous pressing of “Olives and Peppers”, “Olives and Lemons”, “Olives and Basil”.


Az. Agricola “Marasco Teresina”


Az. Agricola Mencaroni Maurizio


Az. Agricola Biologica San Lorenzetto

Maurizio Brescini’s San Lorenzetto Organic Farm was founded with the aim of respecting nature and its balance, embracing the philosophy of biodynamic agriculture. The substances used to cultivate plants and to maintain soil fertility are biological and biodynamic, guaranteeing the balance of the ecosystem. With care and attention we obtain cereals, high quality oil and wines, convinced that the importance lies in the genuineness of the product and not in its quantity.


Az. Agricola Biologica Verde Naturale


Verde Naturale is a farm specialized in the production and cultivation of organic aromatic and medicinal herbs, with selections suitable for the production of essential oils. Over time the company has acquired responsibility and competence.
The essential oils distilled in a current of steam are sold in purity or used for the production of natural cosmetics with the company brand.