The city and its walls


City walls and towers

The wall belt with its defensive towers is Corinaldo’s pride and joy, the one place where Middle Ages and Reinassance perfectly merge in terms of architecture. Try to go up and walk on the walls: you may glimpse a handful of soldiers in the distance…


Historic palaces

Placed along the main streets and dominating beautiful squares, many historic palaces are waiting to unveil their finest details to your curious eyes.


Religious buildings

Religious architecture plays a special role in Corinaldo: the city centre is full of churches, some regularly used for ceremonies, other deconsacrated and used for exhibitions or concerts… none of them should be missed!


The Goldoni theatre

Whoever sees this theatre for the very first time cannot help but be charmed by this 1900th century treasure chest, perfectly restored with all his original decorations and materials. Reopened in 2005, it is now one of the main venues of Corinaldo cultural life.


“C.Ridolfi” Civic Art Gallery

The “C. Ridolfi” Civic Art Gallery, recently reopened in its new and prestigious venure, will pleasently surprise you with treasures of all kind: paintings, sculptures, statues, made of gold, silver and alabaster, just waiting to be discovered.


Museum of local costumes

This unique museum in the very heart of the city centre will charme you: in here you can dream to be a gorgeous duchess, a proud duque or an insolent page.


Ancient Patregnani Mill

The first stone of this mill was likely laid shortly after the year 1000. Placed in the prosperous countryside of Le Marche, part of it worked up until the 90s. Now, thanks to the hard work, passion and courageof a local family, the place is a museum where you can learn how life and work in the rural areas changed over time.


Bojani Collection

Modern and contemporary art pottery collection: a precious group of 200 art pieces placed on the top floor of Palazzo Brunori, seat of local bank, beautifully restored by the artists Daniel Salvador Patti e Andrea Ippoliti.

Corinaldo is a medieval renaissance style city perched on a hilltop. Defended by an intact circular wall, one of the best conserved in the Marche region, it is an extraordinary example of military architecture. This splendid architecture includes approximately a kilometre of fortifications with bastioned gates, powerful polygonal and pentagonal bulwarks, watch towers and murder holes staggered at intervals.

The current perimetre dates back to 1367 and was enlarged between 1480 and 1490. An urban system developed within the walls that has maintained its homogeneous architectural style and building materials in spite of necessary renovations that have taken place over the centuries, giving the historic centre of Corinaldo a unique, suggestive configuration. There are numerous important monuments within the city walls, most of which are baroque and neoclassic, such as churches and splendid manor houses.

The artistic patrimony spread throughout the places of worship, residences and art collection of Claudio Ridolfi is vast and highly significant. On the outside of the walls, but still easily reached, it is possible to visit the Saint Francis collegiate church, the church of Saint Ann, the Incancellata sanctuary.