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Ashram Joytinat


The word “ashram” literally means “the road of difficulties”. It can be translated as “place of retreat”.
Here daily activities are carried out as a gift, without expectations, so everything becomes a yoga practice. Inside the Ashram every moment of the day offers the chance to grow through different activities. You can stay here one day, one week or longer. For one day the fee for board and lodging is 50 euros, while with a minimum stay of 5 days and the collaboration to services the cost is 40 euros per day. The Ashram welcomes people that are willing to follow the spiritual route, ready to live and cooperate inside the community.


Ashram Joytinat – Comunità Vedica di Maestro Swami Joythimayananda
Via Ripa,24 – 60013 – Corinaldo (AN)

Tel: 071 679032