Ex Augustinian Convent

Designed by the local architect Gimignani from Corinaldo and built between 1767 and 1780, it is now used as a hotel. Once through the front gate with its wrought iron monogram M.A. (Monastero Agostiniano), still today known as the “portone dei Frati”, you will reach a courtyard designed with harmonious forms typical of Vanvitelli style.



The Town Hall

The current town hall, designed and built by the architect Francesco Maria Ciaraffoni from Ancona between 1784 and 1791, was erected in the same place once occupied by a Renaissance town hall. It is a brilliant example of neoclassical architecture with a long portico overlooking Via del Corso.


The Noble Manor Houses

From 1400 on, all of the Corinaldo noble families built sumptuous manor houses, both for their homes and to demonstrate their prestige. These residences underwent continuous renovations and embellishment over the course of time, so much that they became real architectural treasures.