Goldoni Municipal Theatre


The Carlo Goldoni Municipal Theatre was built between 1861 and 1869 to replace the older Sole Nascente theatre built in the years 1736-1752 and based on the design of architect Angelo Birza from Fabriano.
The current building was conceived by Florentine Alessandro Pasqui, but his project was also modified by the engineers Francesco Fellini, Crescentino Quagliani and Achille Buffoni. Once the construction was finished, the new theatre was spacious and functional.
According to the design by Quagliani, an ingenious device that could move the pit was also constructed. The pit was lowered for the occasion of theatrical events and raised to create a single level with a stage for dances and masquerade balls.
Restored in 2006, the theatre definitively gave up its historic devices, from the raising of the stalls to scene machines.