Bojani Collection, Modern and contemporary art pottery


This collection was inaugurated in 2014 inside Palazzo Brunori, seat of local bank that during the last year took care of the historic building restoration, thanks to the artists Daniel Salvador Patti e Andrea Ippoliti.
This group of 200 art pieces was left to Corinaldo municipality by professor Gian Carlo Bojani, died on the 17th of May, 2013. Born in Fano in 1938, he directed the MIC – International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza for more than 20 years and also worked in many other museums of ceramics in Deruta, Gualdo Tadino, Gubbio, Fratterosa and Urbania. He taught at Urbino and Ferrara universities, wrote many books, articles and essays and he was also a curator of many exhibitions.

This vast experience led him to know many Italian and international artists and this collection of artworks comes from this close relations of friendship.
It is a mixture of different tecniques that combines pieces made by famous artists with the experiments of ceramic lovers, any of which can fascinate us.

Bojani owned a house in Corinaldo and he decided to leave here not only this group of precious ceramics but also many volumes of his rich personal library.

Visit Bojani Collection

You can visit the collection with  “Corinaldo pass – Luoghi della Cultura”, available at the Tourist Information Office.

The collection is placed on the top floor and there is no elevator in the buildins. Pets are not allowed to enter.