Saint Francis Church

In 1265, Cardinal Simone Palatinari blessed the first stone of the new Saint Francis Church, which was most likely finished in 1281, the year that the bell located in the bell tower to this day was cast.


Madonna del Piano Church

The Madonna del Piano Church is the oldest example of Corinaldo architecture, and is also the oldest church of the Senigallia Archdiocese. The apse of the church and the remains of the crypt date back to an era between the fifth and sixth century.


Madonna Addolorata Church

The Addolorata Church and the adjoining ex convent of the Benedictine nuns were erected in the latter half of the sixteenth century. The present monastery complex was built during the years following 1637 and is located on two sides on the city walls.


Saint Peter’s Bell Tower

The square that shares the same name is where you can find the bell tower of the non-existent Saint Peter’s Church. The ancient parish, then collegiate, was demolished in 1870 after being declared hazardous.


Madonna dell’Incancellata Sanctuary

In the “Casalini” or “Pozzo Antico” localities there was once a small sacred aedicule where an image of the Virgin Mary nursing baby Jesus was painted. This “figurine” was property of the Martinelli family of Corinaldo and in 1586 it was donated to the Arci Confraternity of Gonfalone, already owner of Santa Maria di Piazza Church.


Saint Anna Church

The Saint Anna Church was built in the early sixteenth century by the Hospital Order of the Holy Spirit that owned it until Pope Pius IX abolished the order.